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Farm Mortgage

Want to buy a new farm? Looking for a profitable farm mortgage in Surrey? At Sandhu & Sran Mortgages, we provide reliable farm mortgage services to potential farm owners looking to expand their existing land or eligible individuals planning to buy a new farm. Our mortgage deals are available at a low rate with flexible repayment options that are custom-tailored to borrower’s unique needs.

No matter what your credit score is or if you have previously got another mortgage approved, we still got you covered. Our farm mortgage is available for:

  • Purchasing a new farm
  • Purchasing an existing farm
  • Expanding current farm operations
  • Refinancing current debt
  • Managing farm expenses

    When The Bank Says No, We Say Yes!

    When a bank refuses you a loan, our brokers at Sandhu & Sran Mortgages come into play. We are known for delivering out-of-the-box farm mortgage services without any complex application and income qualification process.

    Our network of 15+ private lenders offers a wide range of mortgage solutions that are not only flexible but progressive too. From self-employed borrowers to real estate investors, we work with all types of borrowers having good or bad credit scores. Compared to other private financing brokerages, our farm mortgage brokers provide easier payment terms with less paperwork.

    How Do We Do It?

    STEP 1Consultation and Assessment

    We organize an initial appointment to assess your farm buying needs and cost requirements to get started.

    STEP 2Financing Recommendations

    We look into the possible financing options and make suggestions depending on your financing goals.

    STEP 3Application and Approval

    We assist with the mortgage application process, prepare required documents, and find the best deal possible.

    Get Started With Your Online Application Today!

    Don’t put off your dream home or property any longer! Get pre-approval for a mortgage today!

    Why Choose Us For Farm Mortgage?

    At Sandhu & Sran Mortgages, our farm mortgage brokers in Surrey have successfully assisted hundreds of local farmers with agricultural loan approval for thousands of dollars. Right from helping you choose the right mortgage deal to select a trusted lender to work with, we offer a wide range of farm funding choices to choose from.

    Not only this, we are sure the mortgage deals we provide at a competitive interest rate are just as unique as your financing needs. Our flexible and innovative farm loan options are second to none.  From self-employed individuals to existing farm owners and real estate investors, we work with all types of borrowers without considering their credit history.

    Our years of experience and successful track record helped us earn a reputation as the trusted farm mortgage brokers in Surrey and around.