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Top Mortgage Brokers In Calgary

Need a mortgage to buy your dream home or farm? If yes, look no other than Sandhu & Sran Mortgages. Our reliable mortgage brokers in Calgary are always ready to assist eligible individuals and business owners in securing a competitive mortgage deal at a low-interest rate.

Whether you want to buy farmland or a new truck or planning to renovate your property or purchase a new one, we have got you covered with our wide range of mortgage options. With our network of 15+ lenders providing private mortgages, we can get you easily approved for any amount with flexible repayments.

    Our Mortgage Services In Calgary

    We are one of the best mortgage brokers in Calgary who excel at everything, but mortgages and loans. From finding the right deal to negotiating the best rate with the lender, we ensure quick mortgage approval at a reasonable rate.

    First-time Home Buyer

    We can help you get approved for a first-time home buyer mortgage if you intend to purchase your first residence.

    Transfer/ Renewal

    Our brokers are experts at mortgage transfers and renewals and can help you out if your mortgage is near expiring.

    Mortgage Refinancing

    Want to reduce your mortgage payments even more? Consider refinancing your existing mortgage with a new one.

    Construction Mortgage

    Take advantage of our construction mortgage to build a new house or remodel an existing one without cost concerns.

    Commercial Mortgage

    Purchase your ideal office space or business property with our easily approved commercial mortgages.

    Farm Mortgage

    Become a farm owner with our farm mortgage in Calgary and buy the agricultural land you always wanted.

    Private Mortgage

    Need a mortgage from private lenders? Don’t worry, we can help you secure a private mortgage in Calgary at an amazing rate.

    Line of Credit

    Get quick financing for any purpose by applying a home equity line of credit in Calgary with our reliable mortgage brokers.

    Truck Loan

    Apply and get approved for a truck loan in Calgary at a competitive interest rate with more than 15+ financing deals to choose from.

    Investment Property Mortgage

    Do you want to make money by buying an investment property? Our investment property mortgage is just for you.

    What Makes Us The Best Choice?

    Being in the industry for years, our Calgary mortgage brokers are trusted for providing the most profitable and competitive loan deals possible. From interest rates to mortgage terms and repayment conditions, we take care of everything to ensure you save big in the long run. 

    We get you approved for a loan and take care of the paperwork involved in closing a profitable deal. Our brokers analyze your needs, condition, and credit score to guarantee a simple first and second mortgage approval. Some reasons to choose us include:

    • Licensed lenders and brokers
    • Saves you time and efforts
    • A network of more than 15 lenders
    • Professional guidance and consultation
    • Easy application procedure
    • Speedy mortgage approval
    • Reasonable terms and conditions 
    • Lowest interest rates possible
    • Complete client satisfaction

    Need Mortgage Approval? Contact our brokers today.