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Private Mortgages

Did the bank refused you a loan? If yes, don’t worry, Sandhu & Sran Mortgages got you covered. We provide private mortgage in Surrey to borrowers who are declined a loan by the bank. Our network of 30+ private lenders ensures your mortgage application gets approved and you receive the funding to buy your dream property.

Our private mortgages are available for a shorter term of six months to five years, depending on your repayment needs. Our experienced private home loan lenders in Surrey specialize in finding the right mortgage deal from a lender that meets your funding and repayment needs in the best possible way.

    Is Private Mortgage Right For You?

    When your mortgage needs can’t be addressed by conventional lenders or banks, private lending is the best solution to go with. If you are self-employed or have a bad credit score, its better advised to opt for a private lender. Though in some cases, the rates are comparatively higher, the convenience is worth every effort. 

    At Sandhu & Sran Mortgages, our private home mortgage lenders in Surrey provide short-term loans sourced to a borrower right from the lender. Since these are short-term, a borrower needs to move back to a conventional lender or bank after a while. 

    We have access to a wide base of lenders who are ready to accommodate your mortgage requests for any amount. We address all first and second private mortgage needs. Don’t worry about your financial situation or bad credit when we are here for you. Let us find the best mortgage deal that works in your favor.

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    Why Choose Us For Private Home Loans In Surrey?

    Being your trusted brokers with years of experience in the real estate industry, we have managed to earn a positive industry reputation. There are many reasons to rely on us to get your mortgage approved. Some of the common ones include:

    • We have an easy and stress-free process with no risk involved.
    • We approve poor or bad credit loan applications even if refused by the bank.
    • We can ideally get freelancers and self-employed individuals approved.
    • We approve private mortgages for residential and commercial properties.
    • We provide short term loans for six months to five years.