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Mortgage Renewals Or Transfers

Is your mortgage term coming to an end? If you are 6 months or less away from your renewal date, it’s time to look for the best deals for mortgage renewal in Surrey. If your current broker or lender offers you low rate renewals, it’s better to stick by their side.

Sandhu & Sran Mortgages is your foremost choice for residential mortgage transfers in Surrey. With years of industry experience, we have managed to provide successful renewals and transfers for homes, units, condos, retail stores, shopping centers and more. No matter how much of the repayment amount is paid or pending, we know how to get you most out of the renewal deal you choose.

    Why Do You Need A Mortgage Renewal?

    Wondering what actually is mortgage renewal and who needs it? If you ever got a mortgage to buy a property and the repayment period is over but the amount is still not paid in full, you can opt for renewal or transfer.

    The best time to think of or get started is at least 120 days or 4 months before your current term expires. Since most lenders allow borrowers to renew their mortgage up to 4 months in advance without paying any penalty, start looking for new deals now if your mortgage is near to expiring.

    Staying with the same lender as the existing one is not at all a compulsion and you can choose to shop around and look for other deals being offered by the competitors. There are high chances that you may find a better rate and term compared to the current one.

    Benefits Of Mortgage Renewal

    • Get a Better Rate
    • Consolidate Debt
    • Change Your Mortgage Product
    • Change Your Lender
    • Repay Stress-free
    • Get Additional Repayment Time

    Our mortgage lenders work with around 30+ lenders to help our clients find the most favorable mortgage renewal deal in Surrey. You can choose the one that offers a better rate with an elongated repayment term to pay back with peace of mind.

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    Transfer Your Mortgage With The Best Brokers

    At Sandhu & Sran Mortgages, we specialize at mortgage renewals and transfers in Surrey. No matter which property you mortgaged or which term and amount you are currently repaying, we are here to get you the best renewal deal ever. We check with the lenders and even banks to make sure you won’t end up paying extra dollars in repayments.

    In case you have decided to switch to us from a different lender, we’ll help you out with property appraisal or any paperwork needed to be done. We know the ins and outs of the renewal and transfer process, and stand by your side every step of the way to make it all stress-free and transparent.