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Mortgage Refinancing

Do you want to refinance your mortgage? Looking for a reliable refinance broker in Surrey? If yes, Sandhu & Sran Mortgages is here for you. We are a full-service private mortgage firm assisting homeowners and business owners in getting existing deals for refinancing mortgage in Surrey and unlock cash or get better interest rates. 

In case you are wondering what mortgage refinance is, it actually refers to getting your existing home loan deal refinanced or replaced with a new one for the same or greater amount. If you are aiming to consolidate your debt by combining first and second mortgage at a lower overall interest rate. By taking out cash from your equity, you can use it to pay off higher interest debts, renovate your property, finance a vehicle or other requirements.

    Why Refinance Your Mortgage?

    When it comes to home mortgage refinance in Surrey, we are the trusted brokers you can rely on. With a network of 30+ lenders, we can get you a competitive interest rate, better repayment terms, longer amortization period, or use the extra cash for personal reasons.

    The cash you unlock with mortgage refinancing goes directly into your savings account and you can use it for whatever purpose you want to. Some of the most prominent benefits of refinancing your property include:

    • Get a lower interest rate and monthly payment
    • Pay off your home loan early
    • Lock in a fixed interest rate
    • Obtain funds for home improvements or repairs
    • Remove private mortgage insurance

    Whether you have a bad credit or less than an ideal credit limit, we can still get your deal refinanced to help you save big.

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    How We Do It- Our Refinancing Process

    STEP 1Discuss Your Needs

    To start with, let us know what you are looking forward to by refinancing. You can contact us via phone or through contact form on the website.

    STEP 2Share Refinancing Details

    We will need details about your existing mortgage deal and also the supporting documents to find the best available mortgage options for you.

    STEP 3Choose A Deal

    Once we review your application, our team will compile the loan options available to you and discuss the various rate and cost scenarios available.

    STEP 4Get Approved

    To save you with both dollars and stress, we will get formal approval for a mortgage refinance from one of the lenders in our network.
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