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What Is Private Mortgage & Its Advantages?

An alternative to traditional lenders like banks or credit unions is a private lender that offers funding in the form of a private mortgage. Private lenders might include individuals or groups that lend as a component of their investment portfolio, as well as professional organizations that specialize in lending private money.

The main purpose of private mortgage loans is to finance real estate transactions, such as the acquisition, refinancing, or equity extraction of investment properties. Most of these loans have short repayment durations, typically lasting between one and five years. Some of their other advantages include:

  • Asset-Based

A private mortgage in Abbotsford is mostly asset-based, in contrast to a conventional mortgage, which places more emphasis on the borrower’s credit history and capacity to make monthly payments. The worth of the property being financed and its ability to produce income or be sold for a profit are the main points of interest. As a result, even for real estate investors with less-than-ideal credit histories, they can be a useful tool.

  • Higher Down Payments

The down payment requirement, which is frequently a part of a conventional loan, is one of the unique characteristics of a private mortgage loan. The shorter loan term and higher down payment lower the risk for the private lender, giving them more freedom to approve loans more rapidly.

  • Higher Interest Rates

Due to the additional risk involved in this kind of lending, private mortgage loans usually have interest rates higher than traditional loans. However, real estate investors who want to take advantage of possibilities fast or who want to keep costs down by using an interest-only loan until permanent financing can be acquired may find that acquiring finance swiftly is essential.

  • Flexibility With PMI

Another important feature of private mortgage loans is that private mortgage insurance is not needed. When the down payment for a conventional mortgage is less than twenty percent, PMI is usually required. Borrowers should, however, be conscious of the risks involved in foreclosure if they fail to make their agreed-upon instalments. A private money lender, like any other lender, has the right to commence foreclosure procedures if the borrower fails to repay the debt.

Unique Solutions for Unique Scenarios

It’s vital to remember that a private mortgage loan is not a one-size-fits-all option. It is an option to consider for borrowers who require immediate financing, are ready to make a greater down payment, or may be ineligible for typical bank mortgages owing to unique financial situations. 


Before starting with any financial decision, you must first assess your financial status and completely understand the loan terms. If you are planning to apply a private mortgage, feel free to get in touch with our expert mortgage brokers at Sandhu & Sran Mortgages. We know the ins and outs of mortgages better than anyone. With our network of 30+ private home mortgage lenders, we find you a competitive private mortgage deal at a low interest rate.