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How to Determine Whether a Mortgage Broker Is Trustworthy?

Loans and mortgages are a common part of life and each one of us own them at any moment of our life. You may require a mortgage to invest in real estate, launch a business, or purchase a home. Although submitting an application can be intimidating and overwhelming, the process can go more smoothly if you work with a mortgage broker, who acts as a mediator between a lender and borrower. They offer insightful information and data to help borrowers make well-informed mortgage choices. 

Here are several indicators that help determine if the mortgage broker you have chosen is a good one:

  • Licensed and experienced

Mortgage brokers hold professional licenses and are experienced in handling financial transactions. Be aware of unqualified individuals who claim to be brokers but fail to provide proof of license. If you are a first-time buyer, you should work with a mortgage broker in Abbotsford having years of experience in the industry, not the fake ones that work as apprentices.

  • Ask questions first

A trusted mortgage broker will walk you through the application process and offer you options based on your specific situation. He will not push you into complex financial terms or force you to accept a loan offer without discussing your needs. When a broker takes the time to get to know you and understand your needs, it is clear that they are looking out for your best interests.

  • Gives you multiple options

The mistake some borrowers make is to concentrate on the lowest interest rates, but in reality the rate isn’t the only aspect of a loan. When applying for a loan, you will have to consider terms, restrictions, fixing periods, and upfront closing charges, among many other mortgage aspects. Since mortgage brokers have access to special offers and discounts from lenders, they can present you with number of options to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.

  • Helps you become eligible

Arranging the borrowers’ applications and getting the necessary statements are the main responsibilities of a mortgage broker. Unfortunately, based on their initial credit history assessment, some first-time mortgage applicants are not eligible for loans. A reputable mortgage broker won’t view an application denial as the end of the mortgage journey. Rather, they will suggest some adjustments to your finances to increase your chances of getting approved in a few months.


A mortgage advisor you work with should be someone you can trust because they have the power to make or break the deal for you. A local mortgage broker in Abbotsford will do more for you than just transferring documents from one person to another. 

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