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Looking for a private mortgage lender in Surrey? Non-bank lenders, also known as private money lenders provide both individuals and businesses with a wide range of borrowing options. Both large institutions and affluent individuals can be private lenders. 

Working with a private lender in your community can have benefits, but there are also significant private mortgage lenders in Surrey, who are probably active, ready to provide you a mortgage and with whom you should build a rapport. 

What is a Real Estate Private Lender?

Real estate investors can obtain asset-backed loans from non-bank lenders including private lenders. Either affluent people or corporations operate as private lenders.

For fix and flip and rental investors who wish to quickly expand their real estate investment firm by utilizing dependable and affordably priced debt capital, real estate private lenders play a crucial role in the real estate investing ecosystem.

In order to help seasoned real estate investors conclude deals swiftly and consistently, real estate private lenders specialize in particular real estate asset classes and loan kinds. They also feel at ease assessing, underwriting, and funding deals for these clients.

How To Find A Private Lender?

The following are the top methods for locating a private lender:

  • Network: find out who your acquaintances would suggest. Verify if they have firsthand experience dealing with the lender. 
  • Online: Google search will provide you a number of possibilities. To determine if there is a good fit, we advise reading reviews and giving them a call.

Difference Between Hard Money Lenders & Private Lenders

A lot of people use the term hard money. Some people are offended by the term hard money as they believe it has a negative connotation with which they don’t want their private lending business associated.

There is no difference between hard money and private money as long as the loan is backed by a hard asset, such as real estate. Private lenders do not have standardized terms, so terms vary from private lender to private lender.

Difference Between Private Lenders & Banks

The majority of conventional lenders, such as financial institutions and credit unions, have stringent lending policies, and loans for investment properties are meticulously reviewed. Usually, you will be asked to submit tax returns and a W-2. If not, you are ineligible and cannot receive a loan from them. You don’t have to be concerned about that if you are working with a private lender. Lending on a “no-doc” basis is readily accepted by private lenders.

Private loans need a personal guarantee and are recourse loans. Non-recourse loans are provided by certain real estate private lending firms; these are typically found in the context of portfolio rental loans, which do not require a personal guarantee because the loan is backed by a number of the properties in the portfolio.

Apply For A Private Mortgage With Sandhu & Sran Mortgages

Sandhu & Sran Mortgages is your local mortgage company, assisting potential borrowers in securing a competitive private mortgage in Surrey. We have relationships with private mortgage lenders who function differently from banks and other lenders since they obtain their funding from individual investors, groups, or pools of mortgage funds. 

Don’t give up if the banks have rejected your request for a second mortgage on your house. Together, we can try to help you escape your “sticky” financial circumstances.